Weaving, back and Daisy’s Fetish.


Have one woven

Have one woven the wood in the front is the cloth protector on the Louet Megado

Close up view of next color Teal

Close up view of next color Teal

Finally got a chance to weave today when my back wasn’t bothering me. My legs feel shaky in addition to the numbness. Wednesday can’t come soon enough. I just hope we have the appointment. The hospital had a fire and it effected their electricity. They are operating on huge loaned generators, their own wouldn’t keep up with the AC. The appointment would have to be in the hospital.

        Started a new knitting project as my last red shawl was finished, just needs blocking. Bought some Shetland to spin from Julie Wilson and Daisy loves  it. Can hardly get it away from here. So this is a trial run with this pattern for Daisy. OK I’m a certified crazy cat lady. When I was done spinning and put it on the knitty knoddy I put it down on the floor for a bit and Daisy was rubbing and rolling around on it. Only fiber she had ever really reacted to. Star could care less, loves her acrylic bulky afghan.

Daisy curled up in bag of fleece


Only One Naked One Left, Looms that is… and Napkin Exchange

With the Napkin exchange warp on the loom there is only one left to warp. Three out of four not bad.The last one is been in the planning stage for about a month?? or maybe more. Planning a shibori piece for the Blue Ridge show for the 24 shaft AVL. Still spinning wool for the other piece to be entered and I left the wrong loom empty oh well such is life in my studio. This is the view from the back corner.     The loom with the rag shuttles in front is the one that I should have left empty.


Have my napkin design all in order now, I used my napkin as a test one so I could tweak it for the rest of them. There was a float that kept getting hooked on the iron and added a different selvedge treatment.

When we went to Ikea a while ago I got some teasing as to the freebie tape measures, They are really coming in handy right now.



In the good old days they made cotton measuring tapes they were good for measuring on the loom to go around the cloth beam. These Ikea ones work well for me. This is the close up of the design it may look like there is a sleying error but it is just the design, When washed these areas poof up a bit.  Also the pink is more like the one below. When I get my trial run napkin hemmed and it will be easier to see. BTW this is a twill from “16 harness Patterns The Fanciest Twills of All by Irene Wood that I have tweaked.  No page numbers in this little gem it also  has a section on designing your own twills.


Guild Napkin Exchange and back problems again.

This is a twill from “The Fanciest Twills of All” by Irene Wood that I tweaked for a napkin exchange that my guild (WNCFHG) is running. Sorry there are no page numbers in that booklet.  After a week of getting the warp on the loom then yesterday getting my loom mechanic hubby to help me with shaft floats, I can now weave. It reminds me of sunflowers. We all have a natural warp and 7 plus my color weft for napkins to weave. Should be fun!

I haven’t done an exchange in years. I did a weave list lace exchange that I love to look at for inspiration. I thought about weaving lace but the patterns in that pamphlet have such a variety.

I ended up using two different weave files for my Megado 16 shaft one for the borders and one for the main part of the napkin. The picture is what it looks like combined. I wanted a nice border to frame the twill and found a way that works.




My back and hips have been giving me fits this past month or so. I stopped Cymbalta and guess it was hiding some problems. My feet are numb almost all the time now and I have nerve pain every evening and night. I can usually distract pain away by keeping active either in mind, reading, TV(slim pickings) but it was masking the majority of it.  Went to the Doctor and back to the spine neurosurgeon soon, she sent a referral so I should hear from them. She was going to do a bunch of referrals to a neurologist etc but I told her that is what sent me to the back surgeon in the first place. So we will wait and see what test they order. groaning a lot here, I hate all of this. Been in a state of denial for a month or so. Kept blaming it on other things. That’s what happens to you when you work for a medical college. I have seen them as med student all the way up and am not very trusting… I used to be able to get a warp on in a couple of days or less depending on the width, Growing old is a real bitch some times.

Krokbragd mug rugs and misc.

Krokbragd  mug rugs started, there is eight inches between them tried with out weft but ended up with rag weft for 8″. Love my Bluster Bay  Ski shuttle in the dark wood, I think they made it in Bubinga, also known as African rosewood. Ordered it direct from them years ago it just gets better with age. Krokbragd 1  spacing                 Finally made it to Ikea and Hobby Lobby in Charlotte NC.  Embarrassed both grown children by picking up a zillion of the paper measuring tapes I use for weaving.  All I have left from my old ones are small pieces of them. I would rather use cloth measuring tapes but they don’t make them anymore,  just the plasticy ones. right next to it is a rack that holds my rag shuttles and C clamps. Other good news both spinning wheels sold. I am going to start saving for an aura Majacraft wheel. ikea

Bullying and Teen Suicide

I am a victim of bullying and I for one am glad it is getting the attention that it deserves. My parents got married late in life and were quite a bit older than most of my peers. My mothers main advice was to ignore them. Now looking back I wish we had got the authorities involved. From the fifth grade until I graduated I was bullied by a group of 5-6 boys there was a core group of four and the others were different at various times. My last name was Pirtle and that was to easily rhymed. there was even a whole song.

I played the flute in the band and to get to the area we practiced at every day they would bus us 6 blocks over to the building. Those were awfully  miserable rides as that core group was in the band. Probably the event in the band room that was the worst of all my memories  was at a party. A gang of people grabbed a tall gangling boy and another gang of people tried to push me towards him. I was able to get away but that had to be the worst time in my life, at the age of 16 or 17. Everyone probably thought it was a good joke, but it was devastating to be treated that way. 

I had two part time summer jobs that failed miserably and I attempted suicide (with pills). I think between the problems I had with school and the bullying I saw no way out. At the time I was convinced I wouldn’t even be able to keep a job. I did finally get a job and keep it in high school and felt much better about myself. Well I had to have Wednesday night off for band and there were no exceptions. So I quit band much to my father’s disgust. But then he didn’t know what I had to go through every day on the bus. It had the side effect of taking me out of the bullying environment somewhat, so I wasn’t too upset. I loved band but it just was no longer worth it.

Once we snuck out to a dance, Baptists who were only allowed to bowl, a Dance. I was teased, harassed and wished I had never gone there. Only to be slapped for lying by my mother. My last dance at that school too.

People talk about their memories of school, how good it was back then. I am just glad I survived elementary and high school without taking a more lethal way to escape. Now with the gun violence from people who have been bullied and the high suicide rates for teenagers maybe you can see why that has happened. Suicide is the 2nd cause of death in teenagers.

 No there are no good memories of high school here. Luckily life didn’t stop there for me and I hope that teenagers can get help so that their lives don’t stop with suicide as mine could have..