Unexpected things…

Several years ago I wove this wasn’t happy with the neck part where the two warps join. It fell on the laundry floor so I thought I’ll wash it and see….

IMG_0284-copy_thumb.jpg   hsshawl_thumb.jpg

To weave this shawl a long fringe is left unwoven, weave a yard and leave a long section unwoven,  then it is cut off the loom. Tie up and for weft you use the long sections after your woven yard. Then weave a yard That makes the fringed point as seen in the picture on the left.

I’d made a plain one but I wanted to play around with plaids.  So what did I learn from all of this?  Wash handspun yarns vigorously after spinning if using in woven items. Ah well I kind of like the new shawl.The back v is  only curvy on one side the other lies flat. The side that the fringe / weft that was put in the side that is wavy.



It became very wavy and felted in spots.




The neck is nice now it just is a bit different. LOL

Knitting has become sanity?

In a word unpredictable. Went back to the bedroom for something, Dave was missing. There was a spot on the window, bird hit it (the tilts in to clean and I told him to wait until Rob could help me, heavy)  so he went outside to find a hose? put the sprinkler on the window came in and it wasn’t hitting the spot. He went back down the stairs and repositioned the sprinkler. Fell on the sidewalk.   Fell 2 x  in 2 months Thank God only minor injuries.  Snuck  out while I was in the bathroom.

We went and saw the neurologist today and he said falling may be a side effect of one of his medications, changes oh fun.  So basically I am with him 24/7.   He got angry last time  because I told the Dr he was incontinent at times. So this time on the list with his medications I put what was going on with him. Worked great!!  He was angry we were at the Dr “again” after our VA jaunt but was ok when the Dr came in smiling and shaking his hand.  Then Back seat drove all the way to Walmart. ” “Warning! Objects are closer than they appear.” Thank God for the Spinal cord Stimulator, I really do not know what I would have done, motorized Wheel chair?

I think what I miss the most is just conversation.  I feel like I need to fill the gap….  but hard with only one participant.

Knitting is definitely my sanity right now, That and music.   Almost finished a knitted lace shrug then my arthritis in my left thumb started acting up.  Didn’t do a swatch until almost done and figured out what size it will be when blocked. The pattern is below in the yarn I am using.  It’s a Kroy sock yarn made with wool and nylon. Blocked very well and I may steam it before I am done. It is loosely based on a lace shrug on the net but I wasn’t happy with the pattern. Working on the knit 1 purl 1 (KI PI)cuff at the end. I am going to add a little lace edging ? maybe only on one edge? will see when I get there.


Lace pattern #35 from “Knitting Lace”by Susanna E. Lewis

The other lace project went on hold just bored with it I guess this only has a 8 stitch repeat, easy.  The scarf a Estonian lace project has a 22-23 long stitch repeat. I’m using Bamboo Cotton it the one below.  Downloaded a neat knitting chart pattern program due to my eyesight: http://knitbird.com  I love it!  My printer died that enlarged pages so this has helped a lot and I could use it to design some of my own. At least there is something that I can do and be with him, Sneaks out when I am in the BR, sheesh.


“Knitted Lace of Estonia” Nancy Bush Pattern Lily of the Valley patten #1



Wow life can change quickly sometimes

My husband went to do his Honor Guard duty this past Saturday, Thinking it was a memorial indoors we weren’t concerned.  85 degrees out they changed their minds and they stood waiting in the heat for over an hour. He passed out, they were able to walk him to the van where he passed out again and spasmed or something. The rescue squad got him and he was admitted to the hospital. He remembered passing out but thought he came to in the ambulance. Echo cardiogram shows poor cardiac muscle function, Stress test Monday morning that he failed, 2 out of 3 arteries probably plugged. He decided to use medications since he isn’t having chest pain ( thank God) Why do stents if the muscle isn’t working right?  Will just enjoy the time we have left.

Most people don’t know that 6 – 8 months ago he was diagnosed with dementia. Short term memory to the max and a few angry outbursts. If he had been adamant about the cardiac catheterization I probably would have done my best to talk him out of it.

He goes places with me when we have the car and I keep a close eye on him that he doesn’t wander off. I make sure he has a good place to sit down if I need to walk any distance as he is unable to do that now.

Needless to say I am depressed, angry and trying to cope with all the things that he used to do that are now my bally wick. I guess in a way it is good it happened this way because I can ask him questions and get fairly decent answers about finances and he is over the angry back seat driver mode he has been in. Incontinent at times, “that cat peed on me again” Put on top of that a family member that just doesn’t get it and trys to tell a nurse with 30 years experiance what I should do and not do.

We still see glimpses of his sense of humour told the stress test people who asked that at the funeral the Army guy helped him to the ground, the Marine grabbed his rifle and the Navy guy grabbed his beer.   There was no beer involved but he was in his usual jokester mode that day.  Other days he hardly speaks. If I am not with him he is continually asking where I am.  I have taken to writing a note near his chair saying I am at the Dr or store. For now I can do that I can see that soon I will not be able to leave at all. Also an urgent need to know where the cats are??

So at times I will be on FB alot just to have interaction with humans. Other times it may be days yeah Golden years my ass.


Weaving again

Finally warm enough to go into the studio and see if I can weave with the spinal cord stimulator. I can weave! It hurt so much before with the neuropathy in my feet and left thigh. It wasn’t quite warm enough to weave for long, next time I’ll get the space heater running for an hour or so and then weave. I know it doesn’t sound exciting but I am overjoyed that I can still weave and spin.

a naked

Used the 8 shaft Norwood with its skinny treadles

Used the 8 shaft Norwood with its skinny treadles and less aggravating project.

Finally a picture of our new grand-daughter in her mermaid costume that I made on the bulky knitting machine.

best mermaid

Baby Leslie

Baby Blanket Delivery

baby blanket

This is a pastel purple blanket to go with the sweater I hand knitted in the same design as the pastel green sweater below( made them 10 yr ago?)   It took no time at all to do the basic part and forever to do the edging. I couldn’t use all the needles on the knitting machine but now I can!  I bought rails that the carrige rides on for my bulky machine, Birthday present to me. It rides the rails when it isn’t knitting. I put a seam down the middle of this blankie and sewed it down to cover the join. Happy with the result. It was finished but I kept forgetting to deliver it! So we went last night and gave it to Ginny and Leslie. Took Arby’s Mint Chocholate milks shakes, for desert yumm

The sweater comes from an old Country Crafts magazine they are fun and quite easy to make. The yarn for the sweater and blanket in light purple was one of the fuzzy ones called Red Heart Baby Teri. I can’t seem to find the yarn around here but did find something even heavier that I may try out for something else or another blankie.


I’ve always done some hand knitting started machine knitting but lost interest after my Dad passed away in 2003. I’ve lost count of the numbe of socks I made for him. Never tried any Baby items on the old bond. Now I am using the metal bed machines and have had mixed results. The one thing the old Incredible sweater machine  didn’t have was gate pegs. Gate pegs can be a royal pain. Your yarn can get hung up on them causing puckers.  I was atempting to knit some lace almost full bed on the standard. I’m teaching myself to use the finer yarn machine or the standard. Three days of getting started dropping stitches, etc ad nauseum. Finally remembered to check the pegs and right where the stitches were dropping was a bent peg fixed that and now knitting great. Only thing they are good for is for a loose around the gate peg bind off.

These Brother and Singer machines are all antigues 30 + years old. The Standard Brother KH930 is electronic and has been fun to learn yeah well most of the time. The Brother KH260 bulky is a punch card machine and has been easy to work with, well cause it is simialar to the bonds. I did get ribbers for both machines and that has been a huge learning curve, I do have them both working!



Spinal Cord Stimulator, long post for me

I have Chronic pain due to generative disc disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and myofascial pain syndromes, three spinal surgeries etc. Recently I developed Neuropathy and it is in my feet and left thigh due to a gluten sensitivity. I was unable to walk for more than 5 min without severe pain and numbness.  I’m unable to take arthritis medication it tears my stomach up, allergic to codeine and morphine. The last fibromyalgia medication was too expensive for me to continue. I do have one pain medication and muscle relaxers  but it makes me a true bitch and more forgetful than I can tolerate.

Anyway on my second trip for a radio ablation  Oct 2015 to my  neck and shoulders I asked my pain clinic doctor about Spinal cord stimulator’s for neuropathy. My  Dr said he has had great success with them for that, did I want to do a trial, you bet I did.

So after a bit of a  paperwork screw up I started the trial on Dec 28th for a week. They were just starting to use a controller that is on an Ipod, It used to be a pad you held over the generator and looked over your shoulder to use, awkward . It was the best week I have had in a long, long  time. Our Grand baby decided to be born during that time and I walked all over the hospital, stood with our son in law while she was born. No way could I have done that without the stimulator. Wanted to drag the son in law out of the room for a bit and he showed me where the cafeteria was located, seemed like a mile. Mission hospital in Asheville is spread out in  different buildings, we were in G and the cafeteria was in A seemed like a mile total. No Pain!!! I could sleep with the  covers on my feet and hips for the first time in about 2 years! my back and hip pain was much reduced. So yeah I wanted one of these permanently.

On Monday the trial was over  😦    I wanted to keep the trial going until they could do the permanent one! They said I would be scheduled either Friday (Jan 8th ) or two weeks from Friday. They warned me that with the insurance company the way they are, that it would probably be in two weeks but that they would try they would call Thursday. Well it was 3:30 pm Thursday I figured oh well two more weeks, damn but ok. So we went to Michaels and Walmart. I’m slowly wandering around Michaels when my cell rang it was on for Friday and I did all my pre op questions in the isles of Michaels.

Talking to all the people before the procedure Dr Baksh came to talk to me. I checked before this and he does tons of these, twice a month all day long. I told him the only thing I was worried about were the restrictions afterwards. He dropped his pen and bent over at the waist, me ” I know that I can’t do that after surgery” he laughed and I think dropped his pen again. lol.  Then the anesthetist came in and asked me where I was having pain. I told him, with Dr Baksh still in the room, to ask rather where  wasn’t I having pain and that would be my forehead.  Heard my pain management Dr groan in the background.  He said he would keep me under then wake me up in the middle then back under again to test to see if they had the placement right. I don’t remember much after that or waking up, I think they pre-medicated me a bit. lol  Also Dr Baksh has one patient who has three of these for the three different areas they cover.

Proclaim system small

I have one of the silver generators and the smaller tablet, the generator is implanted under the skin.

So it has been over six weeks and I have been working on the settings and seeing what I can and can’t do. Still have some swelling over the generator but they say that is normal for a couple of months. The battery isn’t one you can re charge but  it should last about 6 years or maybe less. The generator also is a bit bigger than the ones they usually use  but it has the ipod for now and I love the ipod function for this. I can shop! get groceries, walk,  sleep in bed without my feet and hip hurting, less  back pain, no hip pain. If the company develops this more and gets a smaller generator with Ipod  I may check into getting a trial for the upper part of me..

These are some pictures of the pages on my SCS app. These come up  after the ipod is connected by bluetooth to the generator. The first picture one is the program page I think I have 6. I use smooth and legs most. When I walk any distance I crank the leg # up as far as I can tolerate and no thigh pain. Sometimes if my back is bothering me I will use the strong program. the middle one is to adjust the strength if feels like a tingly sensation, I adjust it so that if I am resting I can’t really feel it but when I walk there is a buzzing?tingling  feeling and I crank it to where it works. The last one is the areas page .This one I have been adjusting and using quite a bit. The Dr and rep said while healing things would settle and may change and this is where I can really fine tune it. I have found that if I have the back area turned up and there is swelling over the generator I have to turn it down.

Guess the whole point of this is to never stop trying or never give up. There are new horizons out there, new ideas, new gadgets. Thank God I thought the neuropathy was going to do me in.



Loom room is too cold so….

Been chilly here in the NC mountains so that means the lower floor with the weaving looms is cold.  Just finished The dress that turned into a sweater but I was happy just to get the lace carriage working on my brother  standard knitting machine (KH930e)  We fought for a few days but finally got it going in the end. Didn’t like the neck part at all so I crocheted a lacy trim.











And here it is on Leslie Jazmin Perez now six months old and a huge 8 lb










We had a few days there where everything was closed, a little ice on a mountain or hill and you are screwed. Recruited DH and our son Rob to move the guest room to the basement since the fold out couch is there might just combine the rooms. So a day later it was blessed with two of Star’s toy mice.  Just found a non wobbling table (goodwill $7) and treated myself to a new winder.  My old one was mis winding  under the ball and jammed very time I used it.


Now I’m working on a soft baby blanket that is a breeze to knit up, very speedy. The time consuming part is the tuck trim but it adds so much to the blankie. This is from “the Answer Lady” on You Tube. I used the same trim on the mermaid sleeping bag I made Leslie. This was before she was born, wove the itty bitty  bra on a small loom. Can’t wait to get a picture with her in it!


This is how I knit the trim, with a lot of weight and moving  the claw weights every 8 or 9 rows. You get in a rhythm: hang a stitch from your previous knitted item, pull needle out with machine in hold position, knit 4 rows, push needle in and knit a row, move the weights and  repeat.


A claw weight on either side of the tuck stitch

trim copy

Needle out in hold ready to knit 4 rows