I was a nurse

Yes I actually wore one of these for many years.

I heard this piece on the news about the burnout that is occurring (still occurring) at the hospitals right now. I know this well as I burnt out at one time. This is a profession known for eating their young and I can now add their disabled as well. After my injuries I wanted to keep working as a nurse but the hospital where I was employed had the amount of lifting in every job description. RN with decades of experience and I was offered either with monitor technician or Clerk in the psych ward. I worked as a tech until my back could no longer tolerate the job. Then down to 4 hour shifts entering data, there was no data collected for me to enter (busy job). Sued them due to them stopping workers comp and settled out of court as advised by our attorney.

Most should look at me as “There but for the grace of God go I” Highly doubt anything has changed there or at any other hospital. Health care has become a money making business. ICU’s that usually have a 2 to one nurse ratio is now (Due to Covid 19) up to a 4 or higher patient to nurse ratio. Not a safe situation. They are filling out a form each time they work that it is unsafe. I left an ICU job due to the unsafe conditions, main thing was the lack of help when needed. I decided that I wasn’t going to risk my license and I wanted some autonomy. I found it for a time in homecare nursing at a true cost as that is where I was injured.

They and we are unsung and un-recognized heroes, not just because we are in a pandemic. I think the nurses, doctors and anyone working in health care during this pandemic should have their loans paid for by our government. Plus some treatment for the emotional aftermath of this whole thing. Since it is a primarily a female profession a lot of this was shoved on us, the overstaffing, dissatisfaction. Many people you talk to are former nurses. Since more men are joining the workforce in hospitals maybe things will change. They also need to be unionized. I know that is a very controversial statement but from a unionized hospital to non unionized place I sure saw a huge difference. They stuck up for you when you needed help. I truly think that at a unionized hospital, a job could have been found for me without the weight lifting BS. In the unionized hospital I worked with a nurse who was a paraplegic in a wheelchair!

Guess when all this is said and done, we shall see if anything changes or if it just stagnates and stays the same. What would our Nations do right now with out the medical field?

Weaving, Life..

“Forever Towels”

Nice to get back to the loom and that my feet didn’t complain too much about weaving today. Since the weather is clear today I took advantage. Started a color series of them possible 3 or 4, depending on how much warp is left. I don’t remember how much warp I put on this loom but they have been nicknamed Forever Towels for a reason. First photo is from Months and Months ago, primarily blue ones are from today.

Something about weaving says “OK you are home again.” Same thing with spinning but with that there is a definite Zen like feeling with it, very relaxing, centering. Sure need to do more of both.

Returning to music after a very long time has sure helped with this pandemic. Finding new and old performers, music I didn’t have any contact with in the semi country western mode during my marriage. I had started listening to Jonny Lange and Keb’ Mo the last few years up in MI. Now from Gary Clark Jr to new music from Boz Skaggs, I’m enjoying it all.

Pandemic fun, well not so much. My sister told me about shelf milk which sure has come in handy and pick up shopping from Walmart. Tried the last one just this past week and it worked really well. I fly in so quickly that I end up picking up the wrong things, like cherry Pepsi. My app failed and am back to paper lists which with rushing has worked out better. Last time out almost everyone had masks on. Several had them under their noses but it is an improvement from even a month ago. My county hasn’t been hit as bad as some in the areas but there are sure some nonbeliever jerks out there. Made a joke that the pickups with the US flag and trump stuff would need to go half mast after the election. Saw a pick up truck with it at half mast! LOL

Boy, relationship status, Either heavy drinkers or reformed alcoholics. Seriously dated three men this year and am calling a truce, cease fire whatever, I am done. Two out of three former Alcoholics. Online dating is not an option during this pandemic, If I hadn’t texted with this last gentleman for a long, long time almost from when I started with this.. (not sure what to call it.) Would never gone to meet him. Not for the faint of heart.

Weaving Tips 001

Been thinking about things to pass on to future weavers so I have some photos to show some of mine.  Absorbed the easy way since learning to weave in 1973. Those  classes were good but complicated.  Looked down and it reminded me again. This pattern has no plain weave and divided in four groups of  1234 and 5678 that repeat or mix. So the first and last treadles were lowered not in use.  For a jack loom the treadles are in the center so it is balanced  better. As you can see the hair tie in the center of the pattern. Can feel it with my feet. Feet are almost always bare on this and on my spinning wheels,Plus shoes are sometimes too big to fit.



The next  are stations for winding that I put in my studio. One station is for a  winder for end feed shuttles, with a sign to remind me on how to wind them. That is an  old microwave cart. Above the cart  is an old antique that I hang my rag shuttles on when not in use. Plus extra light to wind by. Storage below actually for things I rarely use. Mainly because I would Lots of paper goods in the drawer. I have a storage box that has my threading tools etc etc. that sits on top. Below is a cone holder for yarns that I’m using for my end feed shuttles that blocks the cupboard,

Winding areaE

This Station is for wooden prins that I use with a crossley shuttle, the wood chips on the other one above. I use this winder for cones as well The second photo shows the wooden shuttle and the wooden discs to wind cones on the bobbin winder.  I found mine on Etsy, there is a new seller that has them and photos of how they are used:

Wood that it whir


conestationclose2 E

tips E

This is storage for my Inkle loom with a rack below that is handy for hanging my lanyard with scissors and tiny hex tool for tightening end feed shuttles. To the left is a double weave pin cushion. If it were lower possibly ink pens. Was a double weave project in school.   I have a second one near my Louet. I hang it on my seldom used spool rack. Also clipped on there is an extra light for threading. Many of these items move from loom to loom, When needed.

tip1 E

I’ve used easels, propped on a chair, used a chart holder stand, you name it to put threading charts so I can easily see  it.   The Norwood has almost a built in one if you sley from the back and fold the loom partially.  I have both the photos at the beginning of the page for the Norwood booklet. Had been wondering if I ever pass away what would happen to that little booklet. Very popular and question solved it was put in the files of the Norwood group on Facebook. Knew it was mine from the coffee stains the previous owner spilled on it.  The photo on the right is how I put a warp on the back of the loom without the use of the spool rack and tensioner. Winding those spools was a real drag…

threadNor norwood

The next is something I asked my late husband to make, one of many. He made my bobbin winders, Angel wings, Warping reel and the picture below my Jig. I use it to make heddles for making repairs for threading errors mainly. On the first photo a) Take a piece of string as long as the board, fold it in half, b)put that loop on the peg to the right, c) make a knot before the tall peg in the center, d) Another after the small peg in the center. That makes the eye of the heddle. Now cut the first loop and put it on the loom.


I’ll do more of these as the ideas come to me hope they help a new weaver out there.

Staying Sane… Always a Goal.


From the Spin2Weave group on fb

Below  is my current machine knitting project, a “wavy” scarf.  The instruction  video that I followed is at the bottom of the post. I first made armrest covers on the bulky but this project is on the standard. A Standard machine uses #1 yarns  vs the bulky that has the ability to use worsted weight yarn. Actually once you get a rhythm going it is quite easy. More than 1/2 completed. Love the way the colors have turned out using this yarn. On the label it says to use size #1 needles.

Wavy Scarf wavy2 E


I’ve also spun some variegated yarn,  2 plys of it and the third a solid color. It was spun using the Deadalus  Starling XL. Knitting a hat with that yarn.It is the first completed  spun yarn done in ages and ages. Did use the big wheel for a bit as well. Part of the reason I got an electric one was to see if it would get me involved with using the regular spinning wheels again.  Knitting the Copy.Cat C.C (Colorado Chick) Beanie a free pattern on Ravelry.

CC hat


My weaving is slowly progressing, putting a warp on the Louet, cat mats on the glimakra, and the towels that have been on the loom forever. Thinking of the next project for the Norwood. Have a draft for the AVL but want to get the Louet Megado warped first. Today I found the ideas that I had for that warp, 5 or 6 years ago? Wound the warp before Dave got sick. Will probably increase as the weather warms up, kinda cold down there.

New weaving cat: Jaspurr. He wanted to swat the shafts going up and down.


The Corona virus or Covid 19 is stirring up grief, mood up and down. Just before all this stuff hit I contacted the man I started dating first, who is local and we have rekindled our relationship so that is the bright spot. Also managing it by limiting TV and FB time. Lots of Hulu, music and more music. I think I am done making masks for awhile. My sewing skills are pretty poor but I managed to get 14 made. LOL none are the same. So strange at the grocery store to see no faces just masks, except the workers aren’t wearing any? Ah well, another thing coming back in full force are my nursing memories. Worked so many places where supplies weren’t available. LOL appropriately  my “retirement” pay started on April fools day.



Since the coronavirus my mind has run in many channels. Since I am in that “at risk” group, Mortality has been on my mind. None of us are immortal although we wish we were! Probably why we have had such a rise in movies about superheroes. We have some superheroes right now, they are our scientists, nurses, doctors and respiratory therapists. Ha notice no politicians on the list? They are on the front lines not some trumped up orange man. He wants people back to work for the almighty dollar, puts little value on human life.

I have too many projects (4 cats)and a life I want to live but if my number is up, my number is up. Remember my mother  in her 80s saying to me frequently that she still feels in her head like she is still in her 20s.  Know exactly what she was saying now.

So many things when your mind runs this way that you would have done differently. When a “relative” says stay out of their lives, should I have abided by that? Realized it more so this past summer. Dealing with health issues and my late husband’s dementia and death definitely got in the way. 5 years is a long time in a child’s life.

Did make some recent changes. A person in my life was not making me happy, far from it. So I ended that  relationship  and I’ve pursued the one that did make me happy.  May  not be long term… all up to that numbers game. How much longer do any of us have? No idea.

After Dave passed I was reading anything I could find to figure out my view of things. In my line of work, Nursing,  Death was an always a presence,  an elephant in the room. Worked  in many areas critical care, home care, hospital, and nursing homes. Saw death fought to the bitter end and more peaceful passings like some of my loved ones.  I read “Journey of the Souls” by Michael Newton. It clicked with what I have experienced. My Father in law experienced that white light.

We all go through births and deaths the circle of life. I guess how you react and deal with it is the key.



Studio, so glad to be back!

5 years ago? My adult son moved to a good sized room downstairs due to his nightshift life. That moved a bunch of stuff upstairs. He spread into my laundry room, and family room.  Anyway it drove me nuts to trip over things and the mess was depressing me. YES he found an apartment to share in Asheville! Has moved out and his old room is now sewing/ carding / storage. My Laundry/ dye area is back to normal. Family room now resembles a Family room. So many projects in my head I don’t know where to start!

For Weaving: First is getting a double weave project on my Louet. Has been all wound waiting to be put on the loom for a long time now. IF it works I will post progress photos. This is destined to be dyed after it is woven.

2nd finish towels and cat rugs on the looms . The cat rugs are already Prefurred. Thought it was my tuxedo sleeping on them turns out it was my helper cat Cattrina. She liked swatting at my head on that loom. lol

In the planning stages; large sized coverlet type on the AVL. If it irritates my shoulder again, I may sell the AVL. Once the towels are finished, I am trying to figure out and weave material something like a Lizard I saw on a TV nature show, His Fan is pretty majestic. Inspiration comes from different sources…. Sitting in church years ago I was doing a fabric analysis on a Ladies coat in front of me, heard very little of the sermon. LOL

On the dye front I have a lace shawl that I spun and knitted that wants to be green. I have a lace material that is already to go into the dye pot for shibori type dyeing.

I have so many things that need sewing that I will get to eventually. Above is my last bracelet and earrings, My favorite is almost always the last one completed. LOL. I do need to redo the spider bracelet I lost…. Add that to the long list of beading projects.



Latest Beadwork

Embroidered ” Cuff with No Name

My first embroidered cuff inspired by the bead that is now on the necklace below. I made the peyote center of the cuff inspired by the bead and then wanted to make a bracelet with it. Quite an education on bead Embroidery and will be doing more of in the future.

Accessories for Cuff with no name.

“Blue Collar”

I am from primarily a blue collar background so I can use this name with no one being upset with me…. It started with some spark plug cuff links of my late husbands. Put them away thinking I would make something with them some day. The beadwork is formed into a collar like shape but needed a focal point and that is how it evolved. I think I will probably wear the bracelet and earrings more frequently than the collar.

“Blue Collar” accessories

Started working on another bracelet from the “I Can Angle Weave” since I wear the old one so much. I named it “Fairy Blue” It is quite changed from the original pattern as was the first one, Can’t leave them unoriginal! The bottom photo shows the back on the first one, which shows the base.

“Fairy Blue”
1st above “Fairy Blue”

This and That

Have a completed kitchen now thank goodness. All the draping in the pictures in the previous post weren’t needed. Ended up moving the washer and dryer to the location I wanted in the first place and didn’t have to put a boxed in drain pipe all along the family room ceiling. Right after it was completed I ended up with Hand therapy for four weeks. Changed Dr, (long story) who actually took new xrays and said no amount of therapy will help it, bad degenerative arthritis. Dang. So I had Carpal Tunnel surgery (long overdue) and a steroid injections into my left base of thumb joint. Can have 2 more of those shots, 6 months apart. Then if no better major surgery which I really don’t want.

Meanwhile figured out I can still bead… as it is predominantly right handed. Not knitting much since that is what aggravated my left hand so much. Um it has kept me busy. That and online dating, ugh. Might have met someone so that is better on that front.

Also changes in the Neuropathy in my feet led me to get an electric spinning wheel. I splurged and got a Daedalus Starling XL electric wheel Here she is with her rolling case I put together.

https://spottedewefibers.com/ ( called birds by owners). Looked at lots of brands at fiber fairs and they were so noisy, even the high end ones, never wanted one because of this. Found these wheels and I am in Love. Purple bird (hummingbird) so her name is Costa, never name my wheels but…. Can hear the music so clearly because the bird makes no noise. Super lightweight. They will be at SAFF in Asheville NC this month, Deep Dyed Yarns is hosting them. Can see the video I took at, Since WordPress is being stubborn about videos. https://www.facebook.com/groups/spin2weave/

Many things.. Weaving and a Machine Knitting trick.

When I was in college for the second time at Haywood Community College, for my 2nd Associate’s degree this time an AA, Arts instead of AS Science, our weaving class was studying rugs. I chose a pattern using new fabric and warp for a rag rug. I made a mistake so it ended up as my Happy Accident rug. Totally misread the draft but mine is certainly unique.

And of course our once feral cat climbed on to give it his blessing when I was getting photos for our books at the end of the program . I sold one rug at our final student show at the Southern Highland Craft Guild’s, Folk Art Center. Kept one for our home. It faded horribly so just recently I have unhemmed it and will flip it to the other side, it will look brand new again. On the photo below the back/ side on the right looks like new and the old faded one is on the right.

It was getting stubborn since it has been folded over that way since ? 2007 ? So I fell back on a machine knitting trick I have used for ages. Plastic laundry clips all along the hem really makes it behave. I usually will hand hem knitted items this way to hold the fabric so I can put a seam in for the garment.

Doing this hemming while listening to an audio book, “The Golden Thread: How Fabric Changed History” by Kassia St Clair. Very interesting so far and I have and have ordered the book.

Love my new kitchen and I am sure when the washer dryer are done it will be just as nice. New Bay window so I can see sunsets again!! Earlier today I plastic and sheet draped almost my whole weaving studio. The plumber has to put a drain all across the inside ceiling of the rear of my house to get a drain for my upstairs stacked washer dryer. With the foggy light out this morning, yes it does look spooky. Sheets to left are looms that still have warp on them that maybe?? I can use. There is no way I can move the AVL loom with my hand in a brace half the time. Do not want another bursitis flare either. So will hang in there.